Commit 4cd0b8bf authored by Remco's avatar Remco

Merge branch 'Thijmen/Arcturus-Community-feature/fix-wardrobe' into dev

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......@@ -21,7 +21,9 @@ public class SaveWardrobeEvent extends MessageHandler {
} else {
wardrobeItem = this.client.getHabbo().getInventory().getWardrobeComponent().createLook(this.client.getHabbo(), slotId, look);
this.client.getHabbo().getInventory().getWardrobeComponent().getLooks().put(slotId, wardrobeItem);
UserSavedWardrobeEvent wardrobeEvent = new UserSavedWardrobeEvent(this.client.getHabbo(), wardrobeItem);
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